About Us

PSG Texas Asset Intelligence & Integrity Management Service LLC supports data-based asset integrity management and supplies products & services for your Asset.

PSG TAIMS helps customers build a data-based asset integrity management system. TAIMS has a technique to normalize and filter the raw data to use it by collecting various measurement data which was not interested in before. Filtered data is analyzed through algorithms with engineering techniques considered in the design phase, and asset life perofrmance is evaluated based on the analysis. Therefore, it is possible to check the current status of assets unexpected, and based on this, it is possible to establish a maintenance policy considering the urgency. By ensuring continuous measurement data, it can be an important basis for considering the life extension of the assets, and it can reasonably persuade the internal stakeholders, the responsible person and the government regulatory supervisory body. Please contact us if you need a system demonstration.


What We Do

TAIMS provides Smart MMS (Mooring Monitoring Software) 2.0 based on DB to monitor Mooring Chain Fatigue of Spar platform. S.MMS 2.0 supports Evans-Hamiloton, BMT's IMMS instrumentation data and can monitor, analyze and evaluate multiple assets together within the software. Of course, it can be modified according to the policy of each company.

Who We Are

TAIMS researches and develops the software & hardware required for Offshore Platform Asset Integrity Management. In the first half of 2021, we are conducting research and development with the aim of launching Integrated FPS Management System (IFMS) 1.0.