TAIMS provides three services for building AIMS(Asset Integrity Managment System) for customer assets; SW & HW development service; Asset Data Care Service; Tutoring service for strengthening engineering capability.

SW & HW development service for AIM

Implementation of existing software interface environment, Building Data-Base for AIM, S.MMS Customization, Development of dedicated Software for FPS, Development of Offshore IoT Device & Server.

Asset Data Care Service

TAIMS conducts data collection / filtering / analysis / evaluation on behalf of its customers, reports immediately when there are unexpected results compared to the design, and provides the task creation and report on a regular basis when there are no special events.

Engineering Tutoring Service

Provide engineering tutoring services to enhance asset integrity management capabilities. There are currently three tutoring courses available, and special courses are available upon request.

Client Testimonial

Thank you very much for your professional service to develop the software which is the mooring monitoring for the Williams’ owned floaters. I believe your software will add the values to the mooring integrity of our asset.

YC. PARK of Williams